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Why do I care? A new anti-COVID-19 vaccine by November?

It has been announced that an anti-COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed starting November 1st, 2020

Why do I care? Why should we care?

The distribution of pharmaceutical drugs and of medical technologies is under the strict control of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

The FDA is a very serious organization that controls the efficacy and the safety of drugs and medical technologies.

To assess safety and efficacy of new drugs, the FDA performs rigorous tests that can be lengthy

For instance, to agree on a new sunscreen, that is applied on the surface of the body, outside of the body, the FDA needs several years to test the new sunscreen on large groups of people.

It is difficult to understand how the FDA can agree to put on the market a new vaccine in such a short time

Is the FDA “cutting corners”?

Is the FDA taking the risk of agreeing on a vaccine whose safety and efficacy are not proven beyond doubt?

Is the FDA jeopardizing the health of the citizens?

Alternatively, are we confronted with some false advertising to achieve some political results? Shouldn’t we care about that?


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