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Did you miss the Biden-Harris Inauguration?

We tuned in to the official Inaugural stream to watch during our Watch Party.  You can catch all of the nearly 7 hours of the amazing, touching, encouraging and hopeful Biden-Harris Inauguration HERE.

Thirsty Thursday:  Each Third Thursday, 5:30 - 6:30

We have some great conversations a Thirsty Thursdays, learn about politics, and often have a program - because it's hard for too many of us to have a group convo.  But we take plenty of time to chat.  
You must REGISTER HERE in advance. You'll receive an email from Zoom right afterwards with your unique link; please hold on to this link to gain access into the session.

Party Executive Committee Business Meeting Each Second Thursday, 6 pm

If you're not an elected member of the committee but would like to attend, please write: