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Poll Watchers Needed for Dec. 12 Special Election

Thank you to the many who came to training and spent time at the polls Tuesday. The training provided by the Doug Jones campaign was very different and we’ll use what we learned in future trainings.

Poll watchers are always needed during elections to ensure the voting process is fair to all. Poll watchers represent the interest of one candidate or party at a voting place and look for any irregularities that might be harmful to that candidate or party. This has never been more important than in the special election on Dec. 12, when every single vote counts.

The Democratic Party is asking for volunteers to give just a few hours on election day to help with this critical activity. There are no special requirements other than being a registered Alabama voter. Training session is provided prior to Election Day, on December 9 & 10.

It’s time to stand up and be counted. Help your County Democratic Party with this critical duty. If you are interested in becoming a Poll Watcher please contact the Madison County Democrats at 256-534-1776 or sign up now at


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