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We have a responsibility to make sure we can vote!

Since the voting debacle in the State of New York, brought up a lot of problems, we need to take a little time to make sure we are eligible to vote in the State of Alabama. We have Municipal elections coming up in August in Huntsville and Madison. Plus the General Election coming up in November. Below is a link to the calendar that breaks down the upcoming elections, the last day to register to vote for that election and more useful information. If you want to make sure you are registered to vote, and need to register to vote, go to: There, you can register to vote online and check to see if you are on the books.

Alabama will purge voters, if you haven’t voted in while but I’m not sure when. This was part of the problem with New York. People who have not voted in a while, have gotten excited about the Presidential election and when they went to vote, they were purged from the records. We have a responsibility to make sure we can vote.


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