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Vote FOR School Tax Renewals Dec. 12

When you vote for Doug Jones on Dec. 12, you’ll see a school tax measure on the ballot, but it won’t make your taxes go up. This is not a new tax – you’ll be voting to extend an existing tax, one that sustains our public schools. Don’t misinterpret the question. It asks if you are FOR or Against “proposed taxation.” It is not “proposed” because it is an already existing property tax. Voting FOR simply continues it. It will NOT change what you are already paying. These are not new levies and they do not throw more money at our school systems. They sustain them at the level they are now. We actually need more school funding. If you care about the future and our economy and your personal quality of life, then vote yes on these renewals. They keep us at our low level of support, which is not where we need to be but they are absolutely critical. Vote FOR the school tax renewals.


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