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Run-Off Elections Will Be Held On October 04, 2016

All, just a reminder we have two run-off elections on October 04, 2016. One is the Huntsville City Council, District 01, between Devyn Keith and Richard Showers. and the other one is the City of Madison City Council, District 07, between Lena Sledge and John Seifert. These elections occur during fall break. So, if you are going out of town, and want to vote for these run-offs, you must apply for the “Municipal Absentee Ballot Application” You can download the ballot at the link below. You will need to fill out the application and mail it in. Allow a few days for turn around. The last day to apply for an absentee ballot is September 29, 2016. Once you receive the ballot, you will need two witness to witness your signature, and send a copy of a photo ID. The last day to hand deliver, or postmark the ballot is October 03, 2016. Don’t miss this opportunity to GET OUT THE VOTE!


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