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Link To Movie “Freedom Summer”

We were hoping to squeeze a “Movie Night” in at the Madison County Democratic Headquarters this week, but we are too busy getting ready for the upcoming election. Instead, you can watch the movie at the comfort of your own home. The movie “Freedom Summer” is about “The story of 10 memorable weeks in 1964 known as Freedom Summer, when more than 700 student volunteers from around the country joined organizers and local African Americans in a historic effort to shatter the foundations of white supremacy in Mississippi – then one of the nation’s most viciously racist, segregated states.”

These young kids arrived in Alabama and Mississippi, only to be met with ax handles, baseball bats, bombs, and eventually, murder. This is America we are talking about! What you see in this movie is what will happen if Trump gets elected. I have no doubt we will go back to the Jim Crow laws if he takes over. Please take the time to watch this movie, And GET OUT THE VOTE!



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