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Is the horrible past resurfacing?

Those who forget the past are condemned to live it again.

And on January the 6th, we have witnessed events that we did hope to never experience again. In 1922, the fascist militia known as the Black Shirts, stormed the Italian Parliament in Rome…and the King of Italy made a Prime Minister of their leader, Benito Mussolini.

In 2021, a fascist mob (there is no other word for defining it) stormed the House of the Representatives in Washington DC, and was encouraged in doing so, by members of the House and of the Senate, and provoked the death of several persons.

It does not matter that, this time, everything ended without political consequences: even Hitler’s failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 ended without major consequences, and ten years later the Nazis conquered the power in Berlin.

The Nation has to protect itself and its citizens against these aggressions.

It is mandatory that the Congress exclude from its ranks, and prosecute, those dishonorable members who did swear to defend the Constitution and supported the fascist riot instead.


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