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Huntsville Sign Making Party for the Women’s March on Washington

There will be a “Sign Making Party” for the Women’s March on Washington at the Madison County Democratic Headquarters, located at 2835 North Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL., on Monday. January 16, 2017, from 3 pm to 6 pm. BYOB and snacks to share. There is a possibility the press may also be attending. Please bring the sign making materials like scissors, magic markers, and poster board. If you can’t bring anything but yourself, that is just fine.

Another “Sign Making Party” will be announced once plans are firm.

**Note that signs cannot have wooden or metal handles.  Nothing can be on a sign that could be weaponize.  So think about creative approaches.  For example, some of us are going to try to use wrapping paper spools.  Maybe you can think of other things.  Also, if you have any corrugated white cardboard, it would great to bring that.  (Also think about the possibility of rain.)

Please contact Amy L. Shadoin, PhD at (256) 658-2090 to sign up.


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