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Global warming: Why do I care?

The United States has left the international organization set up to fight climate change.

Why do I care? Why should we care?

Climate change accompanies global warming. One of the consequences of global warming is the increase of temperature.Well, we could all go and live in Alaska, Minnesota, Michigan and Maine, couldn’t we?

Unfortunately there is more.

Higher temperatures favor the growth of bacteria and accelerate the genetic recombination process that spontaneously generates new viruses.

Harmful bacteria are known and can be kept at bay by antibiotics, but new viruses will be totally unknown. They could even be able to simultaneously infect animals and human beings, thus increasing the rate of their transmission. They could cause diseases even worse than covid-19 and provoke disasters of unforeseeable magnitude.

Withdrawing the American scientific potential from the international community that fights climate change could be one crucial step to weaken our global response to possible new pandemics.

Aren’t we putting human health in jeopardy? Shouldn’t we care?


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