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Doug Jones states: Contraception should be affordable and accessible Why do I care?

Senator Doug Jones answered nine questions from the Montgomery Advertiser. In one of the answers he said: Contraception should be affordable and accessible to those who choose to use it. That has been an effective step toward reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies, and making sure abortion is as rare as possible.

Why do I care? Why should we care?

Abortion is not a tool to achieve birth control. It is a surgical technology designed to help when the life of the mother-to-be is in danger, when the fetus is not promised to life or when grave psychological distress can be foreseen.

Humanity faces overpopulation and the real question concerns the ways to reduce birth rates. With appropriate education and affordable birth control, the number of unwanted pregnancies will become vanishingly small and abortion will become what it is: a surgical intervention to be used in well defined instances.

Abortion is not mandatory, and should not be the object of electoral advertising, let alone false advertising and false accusations against those who believe in its constitutionality.

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