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A recipe for losing an election? Forget the big picture and complain about the details

In his first year in office, President Joe Biden accomplished at least four major achievements: the covid-related stimulus, the covid vaccination campaign, the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

These are strategic results of paramount importance that will give Americans health, peace, jobs and dignity.

Despite these accomplishments for the good of the people in this country, the approval rate of President Biden is dropping. This seems to be the fault of Democrat voters who complain about things moving too slowly, or about some of their goals being neglected.

These citizens have fallen directly into the trap of the GOP, whose goal is to convince voters that the President is losing support from everywhere and is not fit for re-election.

During the primaries to select the candidate to replace Senator Jeff Sessions in 2017, Senator Doug Jones said: “If you want to make a statement, vote for whomever you like, but if you want to have a Democratic Senator in Alabama, vote for me and for solving the kitchen table issues.”

Democrats should spell out the reasons why the Stimulus and the Infrastructure Bill pave the way for the achievement of Martin Luther’s Dream. With well-paid jobs, efficient healthcare, generalized child daycare, generalized infrastructure improvement, equal internet access and the solution of other kitchen table issues, it will be possible to acquire personal dignity and equality of opportunity for all of our citizens.

Paolo Giacomoni


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